Our Mission

The analysis phase is all about setting up the project for success. Next, you define a scope. Understand the design challenge.

Our Vision

The design phase involves benchmarking, prototyping, and testing. During this phase, you want to test your ideas before you build them.

Our Philosophy

The specification phase is an important step that helps you focus on creating learning experiences for your specific learner.

Our Origins

Gee Gee Kay was formed to create an impact in the chemical industry. Over the years, we have become one of the world's leading suppliers and distributors of chemicals and the preferred partner in the agro and industrial chemical supply chain. From zero to a Rs.300 crore company in under 40 years, this growth reflects the global trust we enjoy.

Earning Trust

We are consistent in maintaining quality and reliable in meeting supply chain demands. Our exports include products ranging from agricultural micronutrients to heavy and fine chemicals. Timely shipment, personal attention and competitive pricing have made us one of the most trusted players in the global chemical industry serving markets in Europe, Africa, Gulf, Asia, Australia & New Zealand and North and South America.

Expanding into Manufacture

Our experience is the basis of our expansion into manufacture of chemicals. Our technical expertise and excellent infrastructure guarantees consistent quality and uninterrupted supply. Intelligent backward vertical integration has given us absolute control over the manufacturing process for total quality control.

Your Benefit

The chemicals we manufacture supersede all industry parameters and are Indian Pharma (IP) and British Pharma (PB) grade. No matter what your purpose, our chemicals will give you results much beyond your requirements and expectations, the key influencers being quality, safety, modern packing & pelletization, As we work with top shipping and logistics companies we have established last mile connectivity to reach our products to your doorstep in any corner of the world.